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12-13-2012, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by jonathanlonehawk View Post
I know you can't/don't tell us when a sale is upcoming, but geez I just bought a ten pack yesterday.
Originally Posted by creamyzombie View Post
Heh, actually I brought a ten pack yesterday as well. Still, what can you do?
Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
Yep... I bought a 10 pack yesterday too.
I feel bad for you guys, but if they'd done this a week earlier, it would be the people two weeks ago who weren't happy about it.

It's just luck of the draw, and unfortunately, you guys were unlucky.

On a slightly different note, could anyone enlighten me as to the current chances of receiving the Galor through a Cardassian lock box. What are the odds? I've spend some money specifically on lock boxes before (all four of them) yet I've never received a single ship out of any of them.

I've currently got about 75k in Dilithium across two characters that I could trade in for Zen and get myself a 10-pack or two, though I'd only spend this on a Cardassian Lock box cause the Galor Boff setup is the only one I'd currently put money into. Question is, 1) Is it worth the exchange (Dilithium > Zen) or should I forget it and buy something else with the Dilithium. 2) What are the odds of getting that Galor now? If I recall, upon their first release they were very rare, though as time went on, their rarity became somewhat more common.