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Originally Posted by c0nd1t10nr3d View Post
Great episode guys! I'm not a Foundry author right now but I have a bit of a plan for getting into it. I have a few ideas in mind, let's put it that way! lol... Anyway, I totally agree with what you guys are saying when it comes to losing editing rights once a mission is submitted to Spotlight! The author should Totally maintain the rights to edit their mission as they see fit!

Like, what if the simplest mistake is noticed by the author after submitting to Spotlight? It would be a total "Pull-Thy-Hair-Out" situation for many authors I'm sure!

C'mon Cryptic... Hit reverse gear on this and allow authors to maintain their editing rights! It's the right thing to do and you know it!
Hey Conditioned,
I'm not an author either but I'm planning on making my first foundry two part story. I'm wondering since were both boobs, perhaps we can help each other out ? If your interested give me an in game mail @brandonalan