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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
My fleet mate made a B'rel Transphasic torpedo boat, and realized that he was never getting to his 3rd, let alone 4th, Transphasic torpedo.

He put int a different 3rd and 4th torpedo and was getting them all to fire.

I will need to confirm with him what he did to get it working.
Rapid Trans? Depending on what PWO-T's he had...could definitely see that. I tended to run 3x Rapid+Cluster front, Rapid+Cluster+Mine (or 2x Rapid+Mine) rear - with no PWO-Ts.

Photon 6s
Quantum/Plasma/Rapid Trans 8s
Chron/Trans 10s
Hargh'peng 15s
Breen 45s
Tric 60s

White 2s
Green 3s
Blue 4s
Purp 5s

PWO-Ts are one of the few DOFFs where lower quality can actually work better than higher quality...meh. Cause when you get into some of the longer recharge torps, you're also running into the triggered CDs that PWO-T's do not affect. You can find yourself firing the first one again before the second, because you've reduced the recharge below the triggered CD...meh.

Now that, would be something that I really wish they would address. Same thing goes with mines - you get hit with that 12s triggered CD that the PWO-M's do not affect...meh.

Photon 15s
Plasma 16s
Chron/Quantum/Trans 20s
Tric 60s

So if you've been drinking (/ahem or otherwise*) and are trying to maximize the rate that drop Trics - you've got to keep in mind that 12s triggered CD on them...

*I had a moment where I wanted be a minedropper - it didn't work out well, lol.
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