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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post

3x Green PWO and 4 regular Plasma Torps
More often than not, that 4th Plasma Torp will not fire. It may fire on the first volley, but after that - the PWO's will keep it from firing - unless the PWO's miss, and then you'll get it on a random volley here and there.
Go with better than Green, and even the 3rd may not fire.
3x Green PWO, 3 regular Plasma, and a Tric - the Tric may or may not fire on that first volley - it's very unlikely that it will fire after that if it did not on the first.
It's a reason that I went 2x (something), and then either the Harp or Breen + the Tric. I'd get the 1s Plasma's one after the other without the Tric firing unless I bound it.

With the 8s on a Plasma, the .5s (round to 1s) activation - and 3 Green PWOs - you have the following.

1 Plasma #1 (8s rec, dropped by 3s to 5s)
2 Plasma #2 (8s rec, dropped by 3s to 5s - the 4s on P#1 is dropped to 1s)
3 Plasma #3 (8s rec, dropped by 3s to 5s - P#1 is ready to fire again, P#2 is down to 1s)
4 Plasma #1 fires again...
5 Plasma #2 fires again...
6 Plasma #3 fires again...

Plasma #4 only fires if a PWO doesn't trigger. If you have something else there, it's unlikely to fire because P#1 is firing again.

This isn't exactly how PWOs work... they each have a 20% chance to trigger (and yes more than one can trigger). I did the math in another thread awhile back, but it's something like 51% that none of the three trigger (80%^3), 38% that one of them trigger (3*80%*80%*20%) and 11% that 2 or more trigger. If you have all purples (or blues) then there is no difference between 2 and 3 triggering (for 8-sec cooldown torps like plasmas and quantums).

If you are using 8-sec cooldown torps (plasmas and quantums), then your increased fire per 8 seconds goes 1, 2, or 3 per 8 seconds (depending on if you are using 1, 2 or 3 torps ) to roughly 3.5, 5.2, or 7 torps per 8 seconds (this is the long-run expected value, there is some variance). This is why 2 or 3 torps are good for a torpboat, but 4 is bad (because the ROF will always be under 8 per 8 seconds).