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Originally Posted by skaldra View Post
I completely agree with all the posts above that are addressing the FREELOADING players in STFs and Romulan Mark missions.

I agree it could be abused if you allow 1 player to kick another... but if all 4 team members agree to kick then it should be possible.

Yes another solution is to not award marks if a player has done under the minimum amount of damage (this does not have to be a high limit, just enough that it forces players to participate).

Honestly and not exaggerating, I play 3/5 STFs where at least one member is sitting at the spawn point the whole time... frankly its effecting my attitude and excitement to even participate myself when I know I wont make the optional objective and know that it will take an additional 10min to complete the mission.

AFK'ers need only group together in pairs to prevent the 4-man majority from kicking them.

My suggestion: Distribute end-mission rewards based on Total Damage + Total Healing done by each player. This way, active DPS'ers and active healers get the cut originally slated for the AFK'er.

Example: Player1 deals 20k dps + 5k healing. Player2 deals 5k dps + 20k healing. Player3 deals 15k DPS + 15k healing. Player4 deals 5k DPS + 5k heals then AFK's. Player5 AFK's the whole match.

Total DPS + Heals = 45k + 45k = 90k
Player1 receives 25k / 90k = 27.8% of the total marks / drops payout
Player2 received 25k / 90k = 27.8% of total payout
Player3 receives 30k / 90k = 33.3% of total payout
Player4 receives 10k / 90k = 11.1% of total payout
Player5 receives 0k / 90k = 0.0% total payout.

(Yes, I know there are round-off approximations above)

Basically, the more the player scores in heals damage, the better his final cut of the end-game reward.

Loot Rolls can also be modified with the same above percentage multipliers to give bonuses to active players, and penalties to AFK'ers. This means that no matter what the AFK'er rolls, his final roll number will still be near zero if he doesn't deal any heals or damage during the match.

This system would work even in the case of 4 AFK'ers + 1 active player since it is based entirely on how the player performs.