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Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
This isn't exactly how PWOs work... they each have a 20% chance to trigger (and yes more than one can trigger). I did the math in another thread awhile back, but it's something like 51% that none of the three trigger (80%^3), 38% that one of them trigger (3*80%*80%*20%) and 11% that 2 or more trigger. If you have all purples (or blues) then there is no difference between 2 and 3 triggering (for 8-sec cooldown torps like plasmas and quantums).
I've not noticed more than one triggering. I usually see a single reduction or no reduction - with 2 instead of 3, I've been more likely to see no reduction.

The standard math would be...

1 PWO:
1 of 1, 20%

2 PWO:
1 of 2, 32%
2 of 2, 4%
At least 1, 36%

3 PWO:
1 of 3, 38.4%
2 of 3, 9.6%
3 of 3, 0.8%
At least 1, 48.8%

If it's working that way, then I should have seen at least a few double reductions with three Greens, no?

Perhaps they were there, but just something I didn't notice...hrmmm. I'll have to do more testing on that, because that 48.8% vs. the 36% has always appeared as a chance for the 3s rather than a 3-9s vs 3-6s reduction. Yep, I'll have to do more testing.