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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Why don't you test it out against one opposing ship, say a friend, if you think turrets are so great. It don't take more than firing two beam shost to destroy it and one torpedo will blow it away by itself.
I already know how the turrets work (on both giving and getting siddes). I never said it was "great", I said they had a purpose. They temporarily add firepower/weapons that can be used in an area, that's all they should be. Devices shouldn't be very powerful, they should just add to a ships viability, not spike the viability to "uber" range. And its not like one faction has better devices than the other does, they're all the same, and on even terms. Having more device slots leaves more options to make use of.

If some fool wants to target a turret over me or an ally, so much the better for my side. If they pop during an FAW/Torpedo Volley, not a big deal, toss another one out.

If ship devices were the biggest complaint I had about this game, I would take that in a heartbeat.