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I am clearly out of my league in this discussion. Here's what I can tell you.

I have only one torpedo launcher on my Heavy Escort Carrier. I'm exclusively PVE. The build looks like this:

3x DHC Anti-proton, 1 OMEGA torp (formerly a Quantum Torp)
2 Anti-proton Turret rear, Borg Cutting Beam

Assim Module, both point defense systems (phaser and photon)
2x Rare Antiproton Mags, 1 rare ambi-plasma, 1 field generator

Advanced Scorpion Fighters

Before: Prior to the OMEGA, I could handle KASE probes, 1 side easily. With help I could take out the cube and be 50% done the gens on one side.

After: With OMEGA I can handle both sides probe duty easily, and take out a cube on my own. The ease in which it happened surprised me.

My observations are anecdotal, however after 300+ KASE elites I am amazed at the difference. I'll run ACT on the next run and compare that to previous tests today.

Admiral Thrax

Update: I'm going to run this a few more time to be sure. A clear 4-6K jump in my overall dps. While I don't see this being the same for PvP, in PvE this is a significant step up in my damage potential. HY doesn't appear to be 'all that' better than Quantum, but the Torp Spread III is a sight to behold.

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