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# 1 Maquis Raider?
12-13-2012, 07:24 PM
I'm actually surprised I'm not seeing more demand for this ship. It'd be awesome in shuttle events. Surprisingly tho I've never seen a thread on it, never seen anyone talking about it..

3 fore, 2 aft weapons
Can mount dual cannons
1 Lt. Universal
2 Ens Universal
Crew of 20
1 device slot
2 tac slots
1 eng slot
1 sci slot
20 turn rate
0.6 shield modifier

I'd pay a little zen for this just because it'd be fun as hell in shuttle events. I know at 68 meters long it's a bit large for a shuttle but that's still relatively small. Even at +-3 times the size of a Danube.

The only concern I have is it'd be like a Fed BoP, but of course it wouldn't cloak, and it's base stats would be more Shuttle-ish then anything else.

I'd pay 1,000 zen for that.