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Originally Posted by yggdrayuril View Post
The advantage to lifeing is your support to the game, it's not a "Cryptic has to make the best stuff for the lifers!".

Also you save a ton of money in the long run, anyone who bought it when they first came out, is basically having Cryptic lose money now.
Not necessarily the "best stuff", but we clearly are supporting the game financially. Being the "dedicated few", we are more likely to support it even further.

Even with that life time subscription I'm sure you've given a little more.

I find it hard to believe they are loosing money. In ********, you pay your $15/month. With that subscription, you have the ability to play the game and potential to win or earn everything.

Going life in STO, you give them 1.5 years worth of $15/month up front.
(Unless you wait for the sale)

The only difference I see is that I am forced to hold onto my stipend for four months to get that 2,000 point star ship I want. I must admit, it sure beats throwing HOURS away running the same raid every week with 10 or 25 other people who you pray show up. In hopes that that rare item finally drops AND you get the winning role.

If I didn't enjoy the game I would have never gone life. I think there is still great potential in this game. Personally, I'm aching for more story... and I mean GOOD story. The "old timeline" is all theirs now, they should be taking full advantage of it.

New Romulus is the first evidence I've seen of that. I am enjoying it (Good job guys!).

I just wish there were new episodes to further expand the story.

The Tholian incursion really fell flat on its face. Either that or I missed the story there somewhere.

Anyway, with this game, as a lifetime subscriber, if you get bored, the put the game a side for a while.. wait a month or two and then come back. You'll have a small pile of points and new content. Life [member] is good.

PS: Not to give Cryptic/PW any ideas, keep in mind with the "other guy's model", you're also forking out $40 every year or two for their new content as well. You just found out a friend of yours plays too? Oh yea, he is on another server. There goes another $15-$45 USD to move your toon over (and possibly faction change them)... eh no thanks.