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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
There is something you didn't get, I'm fine with engs or scis flying escorts, but not with tacs on cruisers, since damage is in no way what we expect from them. The tacs in cruiser should really learn the value of team play and should spend all their extra heals on the escorts and scis. That's what they are made for.

One of my chars is a tac on a fleet Qin raptor. This beast is wuite tanky but it's clearly not enough to resist to anything. In many instances I try to stay close to my team mates to get some extra heal if they notice that the escort in the team isn't in a good shape, and since my raptor is DSP oriented with a tac in it, pulling all the aggro isn't rare.

The fact is that tacs in cruisers are spending all their available time taking pleasure (if you know what I mean) watching their dps instead of healing those who can punch through ennemies. And the poor escorts have to find their way to survive, fly in escape mode pretty often because none of these genius had the idea to send an extra heal they probably don't have since their primary objective is to "pull the aggro for themselves" and to "dps a lot". When I say that in weeks I've NEVER recieved a heal from tacs on cruisers you can believe me. They must be too busy doing laughable "dps".

I don't mind if they survive more honnestly, they will never pull the aggro away from my raptor and will never send extra heals they don't have to allow those who have real dps (and not slightly improved puny dps) to survive.

Maybe you think that being a healer isn't funny, but then you may choose another ship to be usefull. I don't use my eng on his galor (which is the fed genuine battlecruiser) that often because I don't enjoy healing poorly skilled tacs in pve. This is understandable, but it can't justify the fact that you're neglecting your team mates.

BTW my maiin (fed) is a sci and healing is in no way the primary objective of scis. The sci has to controll stuff, and the eng in his cruiser has to heal everyone on the map, even if he's alone (he should be able to do this anyway).
Its very odd, but in STFs I almost never run into anyone 'healing' which by me is fine as when I fly my escort/raptor I almost never need one. Prehaps this is just a case of knowing what your doing, but then I pug alot, which means for the most part people are doing what they want to do anyway.

Only thing I care about: Did we finish the STF in the time limit? If the answer is 'yes' I dont care what you were flying. I have seen them finished with all escorts and all cruisers as well.