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Originally Posted by grylak View Post
Overpriced for one person might not be overpriced for another. Especially if they have a ton of credits to burn.

Personally, I think if something has a given value of 10,000, and it's being sold for 1 million, it's overpriced.
Well, that is the whole basis of supply and demand. The demand for an item priced at 10,000 EC will be greater than for an item prices at 1 million EC. Supply and demand reach a price equalibrium and most of the items bought and sold will be within one standard deviation of that equalibrium point.

By the laws of supply and demand, nothing can be overpriced. If the laws of supply and demand hold, the price cannot be manipulated.

Now, certain very rare items could have their price manipulated and thus not be determined by the law. However, this is unlikely to be true of 99% of the items sold on the exchange.