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So what kind of Klingon Tier 6 Ships would you like to see?

How about A Lethean Psionic Ship that has a special Psionic space weapon.

I wouldn't mind seeing an Orion FDC with with and extra hangar and full Carriers with a extra Boff station universal not for use on your ship, but for use on your pets.

how about a bird of prey that throws holographic shadows of itself while its cloaked, so that an enemy goes chasing the fake while you get ready to strike.

A buffed up verison of a Kazonn carrier (after all if the KDF is getting the Kazon it makes sense that the KDF gets the signature Kazon ship.

Since thier planning on a Voth plotline, how about a Voth city ship or Klingon play equivalant, something big enough to carry your regular ships. Like a warp capable space station.