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Originally Posted by meurik View Post

I have rather good gear (Mk XII MACO shields) as well as appropriate resistance consoles in the Enginering slots. I have been hit (more than once), by "invisible torpedoes" that have dealt in excess of 75k+ damage to my ship, when my ship had 100% shields and 100% hull. Explain that?

"Would I rather see my ship firing its weapons, or see an enemy projectile which is launched infrequently"

I'll take option #3: I would like to see my ships weapons firing, AND seeing my enemy fire it's weapons AT THE SAME TIME. Bridge Commander was capable of it. As was Starfleet Command, as was Star Trek Legacy, and atleast a half-dozen other Star Trek games. Are you now saying that Cryptic's engine (and developers) are inferior to games that are over 10 years old?
I'm sorry but those games didn't have thousands of players online at once and never did I see Borg boss ships with 5 -real players in them, why because they were not a mmo as this one is so your reference to those games has no meaning in this case, I played them as well, I understand the frustration but like I said before its a priority of the game Borticus himself said back when it was being addressed that it might take some time to get the game engine to register the torps over some thing that may not be such a priority, I deal with it why can't you, If I die oh well I heal my ship and go back at it

Remember it just a game