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Originally Posted by darimund View Post
ESTFS - Borg are one shotting people with invisible plasma torpedoes. not high yield, not critical hits, but one massive 50k+ hit that that will kill you with full shield and hull hp.

Omega reputation t4 - Mk XII prosthetic arm store is empty

Romulan reputation t4 - Hyper Plasma Torpedo isn't there as advertised, its instead a placeholder rapid fire torpedo not part of the set.

Romulan Embassy consoles - duplicates of the -threat and + threat consoles, no disparity in them, IE all of the plasma infuser graviton consoles are -threat and duplicated in the store

Romulan Embassy plasma infuser consoles - plasma burn proc is not being properly added to some weapons.

Romulan Embassy Boffs - racial traits aren't working at all.

Omega Impulse Engine - cool down reduction isn't working for slipstream travel

UI Chat interface - half the time, it doesn't recognize im in a fleet so I can't select 'fleet' as a default chat channel, I'm having to type in /fleet every time I want to say something.

these are just some of the bugs I've encountered since s7 launched. These aren't graphical glitches, these are game play affecting bugs. Wanna try again?

Geez... I started playing just before season 7, is this what I got to look forward to and more?