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Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
Exploits get hotfixed. It was not an exploit. The devs knew about it and even buffed that mission to get starbases kickstarted. Just because it got your panties in a wad doesn't make it an exploit. You should look up the definition of a game exploit so you're not being shown a fool the next time you spout that lame talking point.

The log in bonus made small and medium fleets semi-competitive.
I find your rude little rant quite amusing. you insult me over using the word exploit and yet you call it a log in bonus. its not a log in bonus. if it was, cryptic would call it such, everyone would get it for logging in, you would not have to do a foundry daily and rely on player created mission to get it and cryptic would not have removed it. its not a log in bonus as much as you want to think it is.

the foundry was designed for player created stories. it was not designed for grind missions or once touch clickies. that was what they said a long time ago. players are using a loophole and exploiting the system to benefit themselves in a way that was never intended by its initial design.

a player with 20 or 30 alts, could log in and out over the space of 5 or 10 minutes and accumulate 20, 30, maybe 40k of dilithium in no time at all. if that is not exploiting the original intent then i dont know what is.

maybe cryptic tolerated it, or turned a blind eye to it if they did not find it too much of an issue at first, but it clearly was an issue as they changed it. their speed at updating the foundry has never been quick but its gone now. their tolerance and speed of fixing does not make it any less of an exploit.

as an example, do you consider people who AFK events getting log in bonuses? people who AFK are exploiting events and missions to their benefit and the detriment of the team yet no one has ever fixed it, yet its exploiting something to their own benefit. it may not be a codding exploit, or a bug exploit but its still a exploit.

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