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I don't recall one taking on a Galor and winning. I specifically remember Chakotay ordering the weapons power be dumped into the engines because "Not like our weapons can dent their shields anyway" while being chased by a Galor into the badlands.

The way I envisioned it, it'd be a shuttle with more weapons and slightly better modifiers, but still distinctly worse shield modifiers and hull health then, say, a tier 3 escort.

Along with the very limited BOFF positions and consoles, limited crew and less maneuverability then, say, a Peregrine, I don't see it being able to pick on anything significant too badly.

It'd be fun as hell running Vault in one, tho.
I meant small squads of 4 of them, like what they did in DS9 and the few TNG episodes they were featured in. But if they ever did introduce it, it would faceroll the vault, since more than 2 weapons and more than a base hull of 10k and that thing is going to be almost impossible for anything other than the Mogais and BoPs to kill.
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