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12-14-2012, 04:22 AM
I'm currently giving it a shot, and I actually find it rather enjoyable.

Particularly if you get preferred status (make a single purchase in the store, 4 bucks in my case). That way you get 4 toolbars, cargo space, running at level 1 (which you would also get for free at level 15, btw), second crew skill and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting right now.
Hardly any of the remaining restrictions I experience as blatantly extortionist...

Then again, I am mostly a single player game kind of person, that might help. I suppose that it would be different if you play it for the 'raid'-grinding or pvp, as you only get a couple of those each week, and if you play it like that, you'd probably also want to equip the best gear.

Me, I just play it for the story, which is pretty nice, and doesn't really force you to buy anything. I sure haven't found anything in the store I need...