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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
It's because people would snivel about getting back any resources they put into a cancelled project. Aside from the fact that this means somehow tracking who contributed what, when you design a resource sink to manipulate your game's economy and the habits of your players, the last thing you're going to do is let go of anything valuable the players have already surrendered.
I tend to agree, with open projects that have contributions. However, does not explain why one cannot delete a queued project that hasn't even started (can only swap it for another one).

The personal rep system would not have that problem. It's obvious who contributed. They should be able to handle it in the same way as when one cancels a DOff mission, your inputs are returned. I assume the personal and starbase project systems are more likely shared code. DOff missions are probably a different code, so not as "easy" as it seems, but certainly can't be THAT difficult.

Even having a big red message declaring 'you will lose everything contributed' and allowing cancelling of any project if you agree to it would be preferable. But I do agree that in SB projects, an outcry would be the most likely outcome in that case.
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