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12-14-2012, 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by carcharodon1975 View Post
That's great Brandon.....but what about the issues on the ground?Perfect cloak/stealth is back for example.

The other thing I don't see mentioned anywhere is.....ethics. One of the things we frown upon in my fleet is spawn camping. Deliberate acts of spawn camping or spawn killing is grounds for removal from the fleet.Even if someone else is doing it to us,we refuse to lower our standards and spawn camp them in kind.

(If you think that spawn camping the spawn campers will make them stop,think will only reinforce their belief that what they are doing is right."Well,you did it to us,this is just payback.....")

Respect your Fleet mates,respect your Team mates,respect (the skill of) your Opponent.(granted,the last one can be tricky......there are some real a-holes out there)
It's no good bringing up ethics with Brandon. He isn't the one running the Boot Camp. I'm sure the Boot Camp team are well aware of any ethical considerations that might come into play , and have planned around it accordingly.