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12-14-2012, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This isn't quite 100% true. While rapid-fire weapons will generally gain adaptation counters more quickly, there is an internal limiter that prevents you from gaining any adaptation counters for a single energy type for 0.4sec after receiving one.

So, for the Autocarbine's primary fire (e.g.) you should only ever receive a maximum of 2 adaptation counters, which would only happen if you hit the refresh cycles exactly perfect. It's statistically less-than-likely, but not out of the question. Since you only have to remodulate after receiving 4 adaptation counters for a particular energy type, you should always be able to get 2 full primary fires with the Autocarbine before being adapted. Sometimes up to 3 full bursts (12 shots) if you get lucky.

yah the numbers there might need some further tweaking, it still feels too fast, in particular the secondary fire is a sure instant-adaption trigger.

also please take a look at the weapon model (/forward to the artist who made it), the textures on top of the gun are... *wobbeling* a pixel left and right all the time.