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Just a thought on operating from the battle bridge after saucer separation. But wasn't the battle bridge located at the top of the Stardrive section, which would seem to make it just a vulnearble as the main bridge on top of the saucer section?
As was indicated by other posters, it is very much atop the stardrive. It did however look better armored than the regular bridge, being submerged at least partially into the deck, ala a Defiant-class bridge.

However, when interconnected, the battle bridge still has a few decks worth of cushioning and a second layer of hull between it and attacks. As such, the battle bridge being used in combat offers the best of both worlds - instant ability to separate and fight (never mind the all-important question of what to do with the saucer - doubt the Romulans or the Borg are going to patiently wait for you to fly off 5 minutes' warp away, ditch the saucer, and then come back), but also extra protection for the active command center in separated flight mode.

That said it wouldn't surprise me if the battle bridge had a skeleton staff on at most times, or at least at yellow alert, just in case something happened to the main bridge.