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Jinx banged her head on the lip of the jefferies tube.

"Ouch, that damned kid. What does he think he is playing at?"

She held her position for a few minutes, to let the pain in her head subside. While she did so, she thought back to her first meeting with the boy.


Jinx leaned back against the log and smiled. The heat from the fire was doing as much to warm her outside as the drink was warming her inside. Looking around, she could see other members of her crew similarly relaxing and having a good time. For being such a primitive species, these Raktarans knew how to throw a party.

It wasn't your typical first contact. In fact, it shouldn't have been a first contact at all, but the Klingons were involved, and they always complicated matters. Now, Jinx and the more human-ish members of her crew were being hailed as powerful heroes from a distant land, having come and fought off the "Sky Demons" that invaded this land.

As the party progressed, Tukatu, the elder/shaman (Jinx wasn't really sure on the exact term) of the village approached, leading a small child by the hand. Never once letting go of the child, Tukatu started gesturing with his free hand, once again regaling the village with the tale of the foreign heroes come to drive out the 'Sky Demons' and restore peace to the people.

When he came to the end of his tale, telling his people how the great heroes would have to move on, as there were other evils in the world that needed defeating, Tukatu promised that their great deeds shall never be forgotten, and to ensure that the great heroes shall never forget the people and the village, they would send one of the village sons with them, to learn the ways of the great heroes, and perhaps become one himself.

At hearing this, Jinx sat bolt upright. These savages were presenting her with a child???? She heard a whispered voice in her ear. It was One, following the proceedings from the bridge of the Nightingale.

"Captain, you cannot refuse this request. Species 146, as the Borg know them, place great store on their honour, and for you to come along, save them, and not receive something of great worth in return is an insult. They know they were doomed when the Klingons arrived, until we showed up, and the only way they can repay us for providing them with a future, is by providing us with part of their future. I suggest you bring the child along, and we will foster him out to someone on Earth, or even Trill."

"What? You cannot be serious, One! You expect me to bring a child with us when we leave???"

"Yes Captain, or be reviled just as much as the 'Sky Demons' you fought off."

"Well, you heard the elder, or whatever he is. He hopes the child will become a great hero, just like us. I guess that means we sign him up for the Academy." Jinx sounded rather perplexed by the entire situation.

She was still sitting there desperately trying to think of a way out of this when Tukatu presented her with the hand of a small, frightened looking boy. Without knowing what else to do, she smiled and thanked Tukatu, then smiled at the boy and patted the log next to her. He sat down next to here and stared in awe at the great hero he had just been adopted by.


Shaking her head again, Jinx pressed on through the jefferies tubes, looking for the boy who soon be fostered out properly, to an actual family living on a farm on Earth, as opposed to running half wild through the guts of a warship.

Oh yes, that was one first contact she's not going to forget any time soon.