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12-14-2012, 06:33 AM
I really hope they don't actually listen to any of the wipe the KDF from the game BS here. From I've seen of them listening to the KDF, I doubt I have to worry about it too.

Regardless, I like the new First City. I don't play STO often but when I do it almost exclusively my KDF toon so I would really not like 'losing' it because of other players whining about the 2nd class nature of KDF or lack of content. Its a simple reality of the IP that Klingons are not going to be centerpiece - no matter how developed and refined they are in the IP, Star Trek just isn't about the Klingons: they are a distinct but secondary element/aspect of Star Trek.

If you feel like your being ignored because you Really like the Klingon parts of the IP/Game then I can understand that because as I said I primarily play my KDF toon.

Please don't speak about something that would ruin the game for your fellow KDF player community....PW/Cryptic might actually listen for a change and that would ruin our [not just your game] game (even more so than it may be already).