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12-14-2012, 07:55 AM
From my end of things, I run cruisers, with the MACO Mk XII space set, with consoles and such meant to tank things like Tac cubes. Just did a ITHSE a couple nights ago, died one time due to having all my defensive skills on cooldown, and the team got the Optional at the end, after taking down the Queen Diamond.

So, I'll make it short, and to the point.... it's all Elite. heed the advice of above posters, and prepare as best you can, and/or bring a healthy amount of ship heals-consumables. Don't go all in for offense only, as the Elite runs (space anyway) are about endurance and playing smart. If you still get one shot, eh, hope the timer for respawn is short, and fly back into the fray.

Complaining, as much as such is desired, isn't going to change anything. So might as well play and plan to your character career and ship strengths, and keep working that rep to get the better gear, since there's soon (within the month for most,) won't be an excuse not to have quality STF grade gear, for most other than the pure casuals.

And do remember, it's just a game...