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12-14-2012, 07:17 AM
I have zero desire to approach New Rom ground for any reason. I ran New Rom ground for a few hours after it came out, and for me, it's a complete waste of time and effort. I can get the marks 5x faster in space than on ground and the New Rom is a 5-year old WoW daily expansion with an STO facelift. It's annoying that i cannot drop these missions and regardless of how others feel about "suck it up", this is not real-life, therefore "suck it up and live with it" should not apply lol Or are some of you so involved in your gaming you can't separate RL and virtual reality anymore?

Same with Nukara. The tholian ground stuff is a silly mess just like New Rom. Did it on one char for about 3 days, won't do it on another for any reason. what a time sink for ludicrous rewards. I don't need that stupid pop-up, but admittedly, it's easier to avoid that sector block completely than it is to avoid to non-removable missions for New Rom.

It's attempted forced play, regardless if it's required or not. It's the designers saying "we don't give a **** what you like or don't. either do it or deal with the hassle". I've already stopped my Sub thanks to S7 as the only part of any of it I find useful is the passive skills that come from the rep, non of the equip is worth the dil/effort imo compared to whats already avail (fleet gear etc)

ALL people are saying with this is, don't slap some of us in the face for no reason. Let people CHOOSE to interact with the content they want to, don't require them to run a mission just to get the text out of their mission log box.