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# 3467 Some ideas
12-14-2012, 07:32 AM
There are 4 things which I think can enhance STO:

1. Place the reserved BoFF in our ship. I have various reserved BoFF (about 10) and I'd like to see them in Crew Deck Lounge. It would be great as well if I can interact with them, getting to know them as well as active duty BoFF on the bridge. I have a couple of unique BoFF in reserved, but they are useless because their names are only listed in the roster.

2. I think it would be awesome if I can play STO from the bridge. Being able to command the ship from the bridge, just like flight simulator, would make STO unique. Maybe not everyone like to fly a ship from the bridge, so special arena can be created for this purpose. Or, simply make an option for this purpose so that players can choose either Bridge mode or arcade mode as we have now. Having bridge mode certainly make Bridge design worth it. Otherwise, how often do we go to the bridge? Many bridge designs are so pretty (and I love my Aquarius Bridge design), so why not make them useful.

3. Make animation of the stars and planets outside our ship windows would also make the game more realistic. This can be combined with auto-pilot. I meant, once we set a course for the ship, we can see from inside the ship the actual surrounding panorama as the ship fly towards the destination.

4. Add 3D chess and card games available at crew deck. Those game should be playable by players alone or with guests. If playing alone, BoFF should be able to be requested to join the game. This will make the lives on board the ship more realistic.

That's all my ideas for STO.