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Originally Posted by ironclawp View Post
Great another Energy drain weapon for the Klingons to use in PVP any other bright ideas their cryptic.. or is Balance not something you care about... and yes I know feds will have it to guess what Feds have less energy drain weapons then the Klingons and their killing us in PVP because of it! but I guess you guys already knew that .... here's a thought fix it so we can have a balanced game.... or let me guess then people wont buy ships for consoles so they can win that's right this is not about a good game anymore its about pay to is my shoked face (: - 0

Hmmm....let's see. The ship is being offered to Starfleet and the KDF equally, will be the same ship, and perform identically for both sides.

Yet somehow, it's an unbalanced addition to the game because the KDF gets it as well as Starfleet?

Yeeeeah. Not like the Federation hasn't already gotten multiple ships from the KDF side, as well as more powerful additions on top of that.