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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
I'd prefer a direct transwarp like the one to the Fleet Starbase. The reason nobody uses it is because it's not worth the additional effort. You have to fly/transwarp to Sol, then fly over to the Aenigma thing, do another map transfer to the Captain's Table exterior, then transfer into the station itself. It's easier to just fly to ESD or beam straight down to the Academy.

Having doors in the major social zones wouldn't solve the problem. You're already in ESD/DS9/whatever, why make an additional transfer when you could just use the facilities already there? Having it tied to doors is more consistent with the original fiction, but not useful from a gameplay standpoint.
The doors in major social zones is to access that part of the game without using transwarp or travel the long way. Currently the only way to get to New Romulus is travel the long way or use the Excelsior. With the door system, you can just enter a door and you are on New Romulus. They could even put a door on your ship that lets you access the Captain's Table.