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Hey guys,

I'm a Rear Admiral 50 tactical and i'm looking for a fleet. Why now? I'm starting to feel that i'm missing a part of the game because i'm still "alone' in the game.

I'm going to be honest, I want a fleet that doesn't starts sending mails to me, asking when I'm going to come online, or that i must come online to take a picture or I must send dilithium.

I just want a nice fed fleet (not a fleet that exists out of ten members, something bigger), where i can relax, just join, do some stuff, and go further on my own. No restrictions or so..

I do want a fleet where there is a good morale. Maturity, humor, fun but no racist, sex or pervert language (except Q pervert stuff). So more adult or 18+.. (that looks a bit weird that 18+)..

Thx guys!

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