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Basically I am asking you guys to keep it clean, and just put your thoughts out there. Engage!
Ok..there is a big Cruiser's the fix to make everyone happy. Some players hate the snails pace turn rate, others think all Cruisers do is heal, and others simply say Cruisers cannot deal enough DPS. Well, there's a simple, elementary, solution to make everyone happy.

Listen up Devs

For all Fed Cruisers (and their KDF counterparts), make 3 "Slide Bars" similar to the engine speed bar. Yes I'm well aware that there are different "profiles" you can set your ship to already present in the game. For Cruisers only, remove those options completely. Replace them with 3 bars. One for DPS, one for Turn Rate, and one for Healing. Based on your opponent (say a Borg cube) you would want to "jack up" your heal/DPS and wouldn't care so much about your turn. You could "borrow" from your turn rate bar to make your ship perform better. Lets say your ship is a Galor and you crank up your DPS/HEAL bars and drain the turn rate. Perhaps it decreases your turn rate to that of say,...a Galaxy Class but increases DPS significantly. Does anyone follow me on this. 3 bars, all of which can be barrowed from each other and used to increase power significantly in one of the 3 major areas (turn, heal/damage).

It's so simple an elementary school kid could figure it out. The amount of time to transfer your bars over to another area would be as fast as your hand can do so with your mouse. Your powers will still be recharging at their same spees anyway.

And this would only apply to Cruisers. If your ship turns at a snails pace of 7, maybe you can make it a 10 for the time it takes to fight your enemy at the cost of heals/DPS. If you need DPS and turning really doesn't matter, jack up your DPS bar and it will give your ship enough juice to really do some inflicting damage (but keep in mind) more DPS would reduce the effectiveness of the other 2 categories. Of course whatever Cryptic designs a ship "by default" would be the base stats of the ship but how/when a player used their 3 slide bars would be up to them. Turn faster? OK More damage to actually kill off that escort? OK Enough time to heal your hull fast enough? No problem. Give and take. Distribute and re-distribute accordingly. It's that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.

In the worlds of Emeril Lagasse...BAM! be done with it!!!!

(and hopefully this will end the darn Cruiser threads

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