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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
To get use out of it, then it needs to work as a Transwarp Hub. The door thing fits with the lore of Star Trek about the Captain's Table. If it works like the Fleet Starbase Transwarp, then it is not that effective. In fact, it would be no better than the summon transport power except have a shorter cooldown.
So you're basically saying it should have a two-way door with every major location? I like that a lot, and there are more than enough decorative doors in every major location that you can set aside one each for Captain's Table access.

Honestly though, and this is speaking as a silver player, I really do think lifetime players should get an actual real advantage from being a lifetime player, beyond the frankly paltry stipend they're given. At exchange rates these days, 500 zen is a week's worth of dilithium, so they're getting roughly 2500 a month when everyone else (assuming they're at the daily cap every day) is getting roughly 2000. Back when the exchange rate was more than double what it is now, 500 zen would've been nice, but as it stands right now I don't think it's enough. What lifetimers basically get are a week's worth of extra zen/dil every month, a player race that they may not even want to play as, access to every vet reward (which is a good thing!) and a handful of decorative bonuses.

I could buy out everything I could ever want from the C-store for less than 30,000 Zen, probably. Maybe limetimers could get access to C-store items for free, or at least at a large discount?