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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The Fleet Neggy is a tank from hell. It can probably shrug off all but the strongest of high yield borg torps, and it can certainly survive anything thrown at it. It's the ideal Engineering battlecruiser.

But on my tactical KDF toon, I find myself in love with my Tor'Kaht. She's tankier than my raptor, can still move around quite well for a ship her size, and has tremendous forward facing firepower. Plus she's quite aesthetically pleasing. She's arguably the best tactical battlecruiser available to the KDF (until the chel'gret becomes more widespread).

But if I ever ran an engi on my KDF (a distinct possibility), or a science (also a strong possibility), I would put them in the Neggy/Vo'Quv. But for the sake of this thread, I would do Negh'var. If you look at the BOff layout of the fleet neggy, she is great for tanking and healing. She can basically do what fed cruisers are known for doing. Keep everyone else alive and never die herself. And at the same time, she can still give out some pretty hefty DPS.

All that being said and done, I would use her, but not for a tac. For an engi or sci, definitely. But a tac is kinda wasted in a neggy, the fleet tor'kaht is where you want to go if you do battlecruisers.

I think I get what you're saying. But no. I say no because I'm not sure you're clear on what the different captain abilities bring to the table as opposed to what you can skill any captain to bring. I also say this as a player that uses a tac captain, a sci captain, and a engineering captain in cruisers. All the tac captain abilities buff all the damage that your ship does. Period. Doffs, system batteries, gear, boffs, skills, plus the cruiser bonus will bring ship power management up to par with what an engineer can do. As the ship itself is so strong, and strong in engineerign slots, Miracle Worker [the selfish heal] isn't really a requirement, and certainly not a damage boost, to make this ship work in any role that you wished it to.

Tac will always do more damage. Sci will always bring more support. And engineers will always write the after combat reports as they'll be the only ones left.

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