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12-14-2012, 02:32 PM
Let me add my concern to the OP's list.

The reputation system.

It was NEVER fully tested. NO ONE had the time to test the higher tier passive abilities.

WHY? Because even on tribble, it still had very long project cooldowns.

So here we are now, deep into it and the calls for nerfs have started.

Is it justified ? I may not be as qualified as the next player to answer that.

All I can say is after investing my time, and in some cases ZEN/aka REAL MONEY, to trade for dilithium to help me level up some of these projects, it irks the hell out of me that some of these passives might change AFTER I've ground and put in the time to obtain them.

Oh and BTW, I play science and I'm really lookin forward toward the tier 5 Romulan ability. I'm wondering as I work my way up, if it will still be there as it is now, when I get to that level.

I know game balance is a tough job, I get that. But this "balancing" things as we go along really is the pits.
There has to be a better way to test this content on tribble, especially the content that requires leveling time gated abilities and gear.

I don't know, get rid of cool downs on tribble? Just throwin it out there.
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