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12-14-2012, 01:55 PM
I agree with the OP concerns and read all the back and forth.

I'm planning to be as short as possible since I'm still one of those vanishing species who played STO since beta. I salute the intrinsic concepts of Atari in finally doing a SCI FI MMO that nobody thought about it 3 years ago. That was a totally awesome and pioneering concept.
Once the game got transferred to Cryptic and now PWE it lost itself in translation and money has become the main intrinsic factor ever since. Money is a great motivator for any company but on its way it lost its original concepts. To expect things to remain the same might be a bit nostalgic and a bit naive. This is the real world and all of us do understand the hard way that goes into making a buck. However, with every transition STO has lost its sense of what it used to be for most of us lifers or those who stuck with it.

This was a great game and concept at the start. Now is a mosly a grinding orgy fest trying to reach deep in our pockets the fastest. I hope PWE will recognize that customer satisfaction comes first then money follows. If most are not happy with the immense amount of glitches and nerfing going on this will be a lonely place where the only true voice would be found in pages lost in unread forums like this as testimony of things to come.

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