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12-14-2012, 03:54 PM
Other than lurking about and testing new recruits, Franklin Drake has been preparing for his appearance in the upcoming 3 Year Anniversary episode.
Thanks for answering my question.

2) The Dominion; around the time of our 3 Year Anniversary.
A Dominion lock box? Intriguing...

The other species were featured in the Enterprise series
That's great news. Enterprise is a massively under-appreciated series and I'm glad to see it getting more love in STO.

The Typhoon Class is a dreadnaught that will most likely not appear as a playable ship until we increase the skill point cap to full Admiral. Even then, we haven?t yet decided if this will be a player ship, but we can be convinced to make it so if there is enough support for it.
Might want to check your sources...the Typhoon is a battleship, not a dreadnought . That means that if anything, it should be inferior to the Galaxy-X Dreadought Cruiser.

Typhoon supporters, this is the time to beg like never before!

These hairstyles and foreheads are specifically reserved for when we offer Romulans and Cardassians as playable species (which will happen) because they are defining characteristics of those species.
Playable Cardies and Rommies are coming? Hmm...playable faction or playable species? I suspect the former for the latter, and the latter for the former.

Klingon PvE content from 1-50 with a solid PvE and PvP endgame. Plain and simple. Then after that, real Star Trek exploration.
We'll be waiting...
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