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12-14-2012, 02:57 PM
good read, a couple of nice bits of information there. it didn't feel to me that this game had peeked, and was soon to be throttled back and put in a maintenance mode, im glad to hear that its nowhere near that point too. a new trek series, especially prime universe related and in the 25th century would be awesome, and likely the best thing that could possible happen to this game!

andorian ship sounds very premium, own bridge, big guns, will likly be at least as cool as the vet ships. is it the anniversary yet? im REALLY looking forward to the ambassador, and whatever the kdf is getting. my guess is a kvort, that ship has always been brel assets reused, and the same could be done in game.

so, the next lock box will be dominion eh? my first guess was breen, second guess was dominain, so i was close! maybe, just maybe the new lock box in season 8 will see a dominion rep and a gamma quadrant sector block added. would be the appropriate time to do it, what better time then with a lock box. finally, we would be able to use the worm hole! delta quadrant sounds fun too, there was that unstable worm hole in tng to the delta quadrant, if it could be made stable thats a reliable way to get to the delta quadrant too.

the alpha quadrant powers and dominion appear to be peacefully coexisting, and not bothering each other. there is great story telling potential here, especially if the unidine, and/or iconians start causing trouble. who knows, the borg could start being a problem for the dominion too, and no one in the galaxy has more experience holding them off then the federation.
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