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12-14-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
Oh Brandon I'm not sure what to be more shocked about, that you believed we cheated or that you believe some parts of STO aren't "working as intended" .

Both Fed and KDF NWS complete now for me too and having done dozens more runs we've developed better/quicker ways to get to wave 10 at least but also beat wave 10. One of our biggest issues was 'wave 9'ing' - to rush 9 so fast we end up on wave 10 with everything on cooldown. Now we've got a virtually 100% perfected way to control wave 7 and 9 thus increasing our chances of beating wave 10.

All of our information will be published on stowiki and after we've given priority to those that have helped our group we'll open up our private group channel to the wider community.
Seems like an awful lot of trouble for pretty much nothing. For all the trouble the people whom beat this NWS business went through you'd think there would have to be some I Win gear or something at the end of the finish line. As it stands, there's a title up for grabs. While a pretty braggy title, it's still just a title. And some fleet marks. There should be a nifty uni console or something to motivate people to work through it. STO needs more rewards for hardcore players. This is an opportunity to reward hardcore players in a casually heavy driven MMO. I suggest Cryptic take it.