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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
All kdf ships have slightly lower shield mod then a comparable fed ship due to kdf also getting built in cloak. You just have to compensate for it by using high cap shields like Honor Guard Mk XII, and multiple field generator consoles.
This. If it's true, then I really have no problems with it. As I've said elsewhere, each faction has their advantages. If KDF ships have to sacrifice a bit of shield mod in favor of a more tactical approach (battlecruisers with cannons, BoPs, etc) and built-in cloaks, then I feel it's a fair tradeoff.

I've seen KDF players tank well, so it's still possible. Feddies just have more options for it, as they should. Fits the doctrine a bit more. Take a few hits, and then open channels and try to BS your way out of the fight