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I think I get what you're saying. But no. I say no because I'm not sure you're clear on what the different captain abilities bring to the table as opposed to what you can skill any captain to bring. I also say this as a player that uses a tac captain, a sci captain, and a engineering captain in cruisers. All the tac captain abilities buff all the damage that your ship does. Period. Doffs, system batteries, gear, boffs, skills, plus the cruiser bonus will bring ship power management up to par with what an engineer can do. As the ship itself is so strong, and strong in engineerign slots, Miracle Worker [the selfish heal] isn't really a requirement, and certainly not a damage boost, to make this ship work in any role that you wished it to.

Tac will always do more damage. Sci will always bring more support. And engineers will always write the after combat reports as they'll be the only ones left.

Hm... And here I disagree, but I will say why. I see the Negh'var as more of a tank, one that will live forever and be the last one standing. The reason I wouldn't put a Tactical in a neggy is because the Vor'cha is so much better suited for them. Faster, more nimble, better console and BOff setup for dealing damage, which is what tacs do. I wouldn't put a sci in them because you have the Fleet Varanus and Vo'quv, both of which are far more scientifically oriented. Oh, and the mirror Vor'cha too.

I say Engi in neggy because the way the Negh'var is set up with BOff and console layout, you will live through everything. And you can heal well and cycle power well. But why an engi? Usually with playstyle, engineers tend to skill more towards the tanking skills and other skills you don't usually see on tacs. For example, most tacs don't take many (if any) points in Electroplasma systems, whereas engineers always max that (or come close).

The same goes for a lot of the tanking skills, like starship hull armor etc. Those are the skills I would see better purposed towards the Negh'var. And I see that ship as either the opening wall or a support craft. Let the smaller more nimble battlecruisers and raptors do the fighting, the Negh'var does the tanking and support healing. I won't argue she can be a damage dealing monster, I have seen enough Negh'vars do that, but I personally would fly her with an engi and let my tac stay in a raptor or vor'cha.

But that's just me, I won't try to dictate how someone else plays.
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