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12-14-2012, 04:35 PM
Q: (whizzledarkfool) Will there be some kind of balancing system for Fleet Projects depending on the size of the Fleet?

Dstahl: In addition to continuing to drop pricing requirements for projects (we?ve done this several times), we have discussed other options related to Fleet Size scaling, but most of the options turn out being areas of potential abuse if we don?t also include penalties for leaving and joining Fleets. For example, if it is easy for a small fleet to complete a Holding, then what is to stop large Fleets from disbanding to dump all the requirements in and then rejoining once the lesser cost is achieved? So for now we prefer to adjust Fleet Projects globally as well as increase rewards and input drops needed for Starbase Projects, because that can have a similar positive impact for small fleets. At the end of the day, Fleet and Guild housing is a sensitive subject no matter what the MMO, and there isn?t a bullet proof solution out there that makes everyone happy. We want players to form Fleets larger than 3 members, but instead of excluding these small Fleets from the system entirely (which was something we discussed), we instead choose a more balanced approach of allowing Fleets of any size to participate with a median cost.

The scaling would need to put stop counters in place just so if a 5 person fleet hits tier 5 and people want to get in just to get tier 5 stuff you would have to put in massive project to increase member capacity make it like if you keep your maximum capacity at 5 players you can get their quicker but also add in incentives like giving a lot more provisions for a 500 member fleet if they are having to donate more. Just so it can scale and give both types of players benefits for the system.