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You're missing a major point: Cryptic names are advertising Engineering Team as a means to fully deal with VM (began with the introduction of the VM propogation DOFFs, but it's also popped up with the Rommie content in S7).
Where does it say this? ET is nothing more than a heal and a subsystem fix. It never has been anything but that, my entire time playing. However, I have a the minor issue of I fly an Odyssey, so most NPC ships don't bother me, even on elite. But in my escort, I use EPtX to bring shields and weapons back online, and ET to clear them up if I don't have the EPtX off cd. It will clear one of the debuffs, but nothing more. And sometimes viral matrix will target the same subsystem more than once, which is why it can go offline again.

But seriously, just use ST. It's a quick easy method of getting the VM off your ship. Then use EM to get behind the D'deridex to keep it from doing it again, and then you vaporize the damn thing.

Besides, if you can't get ST, there is a very easy counter to VM. Kill the D'deridex without ever getting in it's forward arc. All of a sudden, VM is nowhere to be found... O.o
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