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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
We really do need more of this type of play across the board. When I team with people I know for PvP's, this is second nature. People get healed by teammates within a second of taking focus fire from 5 members of the other team, and they stay alive. I promise you getting focus fired on my 5 real life players will kill you faster than a Borg cube can. If we can keep people alive through that, then y'all should be able to keep each other alive through the high damage borg hits. It just takes team work and fast reactions, both of which come with practice.

It's a good idea to drag your teammates' portraits closer to the center of the screen so you don't have to shift your vision/attention all the way over to the edge of the screen on the HUD to see when they need heals. Then use the Function keys (F2 through F5) to select the portrait that you see taking damage to send them a heal or two.
The only problem here is that when you get focus fired in PvP, it's multiple hits. Which can be counter-acted by a quick TT and ES/TSS/EPtSX. What these guys are dealing with and I have been subjected to as well are single massive hits, which regardless of how much healing you have, you can't get around. If the Borg did this with multiple hits, say this kind of damage over the space of 10-15 hits, it would be dealable. As is, it's single obscenely powerful hits. Not as easy to deal with. But if you're like me and fly with lots of neutronium, you shouldn't care too much XD.
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