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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Yeah, sorry. I run a retrofit defiant with kinetic armor + 2x plasma armor (when fighting borg), a field generator and Mk XII MACO shield, plus all damage resistance skills maxed out. I can be zipping along with hull and shields at 100% plus polarize hull, brace for impact, rotate shield frequency, jevonite hardpoints and subspace field modulator all rocking out, but NPC battleships from several races routinely 1-shot me outta nowhere, Borg in particular.

This is not a "Fix ur build and learn to play, n00b lololol" situation.
See, I just can't believe this. I have never died from a single hit when I've had max shields and hull, much less all the defensive buffs you mentioned. It will usually take me down to 20% hull if I am max health in my escort. If my shields are damaged and I take one of these hits, then yes, I have died. I think you and a lot of other people are exaggerating because you want them to nerf NPC damage instead of taking the time to learn better builds or tactics (or maybe you're just not realizing that your shields are damaged). Here's a tip: ditch the plasma resist consoles and put some more monotanium in there for STFs.

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