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12-14-2012, 04:07 PM
I don't know why, but when PUGing I seem to get stuck with a random order barking douchebag about twice a week. Just lucky I guess.

Anyway, running ISE last night, some d-bag immediately starts barking orders. " Target the cube." " Go to the left side." It's not like we all haven't run this 100 times. So , my special d-bag corbamite console kicks in (amplifies and reflects douchebaggery back upon it's originator. I can't help it.) and I reply with " Roger that, Admiral Obvious." I get told to "STFU" and follow his orders, and his sychophant fleetmate parrots this notion. Well, anyone who knows me knows that's the absolute wrong way to get my cooperation. So I PM the two poor souls that were caught in between this and apologize in advance for what's about to take place. I proceed to make his head explode, and he and his shadow throw some mother insults at me and rage quit. His last words were " OH yea? I'll leave and then you'll never be able to kill that cube!! And I'm going to have you blacklisted game-wide! I know lots of fleets!". One of the innocents quits as well, which leaves me and a sci in a Vesta to kill the gate and dispatch the cube, which we did. Took a while but we did it. Got an awesome drop too (purple disruptor DHC dmgx3).

May have not been the best way to handle the situation, but I simply do not suffer fools.