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Yes this thread is gonna be about how bad lockbox's are! if you don't like that don't read and move on to other threads !!

Today i'v bought 30keys "cus of the promo" so give or take thats 3k zen witch is 30euro's for me, is about same in dollar or might even be 35 dollar. anyways i open'd 30 box's do you really want to know what i get from them ?! i open'd "green text Ferengi lockbox's" cus i wanted that ferengi ship.!

142 lobi crystals
8 small Doff packs (norm)
3 small Gamma Doffs packs
4 Ferengi consort Doffs
7 Ground armor/deflector packs (1 blue item in side the box)
2 "1k xp Bonus"
1 "2k xp Bonus"
1 "10k xp bonus"
2 ferengi special Doff assignments

Now impressive list eh for 35Bucks or 30Euro's, "[{#@|"
i start to wonder, the lobi crystal shop, if you want something good from that you need 300 upto 800 crystals... really that's aprox 175 dollar and you have 800 lobi to buy a "Ship" seriously, 60-70 dollar for a ship console ?! what the heck Cryptic. This game should have a casino license cus the box's are a form of gambling!! no way, that list of rewards i got is in noway worth 35dollar.! you should be ashamed to make to good stuff drop rate so low! :/ i know you guys need revenue to keep this game going but seriously there other ways to do it! you just made an enemy out of a lifetimer, i won't spent a cent towards your game.

i have no words for it, either you put the rate of drop into the info box, so that players that buy keys and open a box can see how freaking low the good stuff drop rate really is. or you just take away the lame ass box & keys and put the ships and goodies from the box into the freaking C-Store! for fok sake Cryptic i spent 30Euro's on CRAP, nice XMAS for me eh!
witch brings me to my second frustration, its clear that in noway someone like me can get all the winter event items!! with out buying the items or event drops, you keep to amaze me that making a good event lays not within your skills!! you somehow fok it up! that aside is a small frustration i have, no real game braking fact! i can live with that fact! but the lockbox's no that's "Exploitation" of the Star Trek Fan Base and you should be ashamed for it. put all in c-store and i will happily buy them all but true lockbox's and a "Chance" on ships LOL no way in hell i spent one more dollar at any item in your C-Store as long as the lockbox remains in the game.

Ps: i know alot of you are gonna respond with laming reply's, i urge you NOT to do it, if you don't have a constructive reply then don't reply at all thanks. i really want a god to honest reply of all the players that have bought keys and open'd box's, reall all i want is there input.