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12-14-2012, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by quintaris View Post
If you want just the ship, and trash everything else in the box, it works out to close to $300 in keys.

Unlike Katniss, the odds really aren't ever in your favour.
the box should be illegal, ain't there gambling laws broken here? the box chance is a form of gambling right? anyways i'm never gonna buy zen, i em gonna buy the keys with zen tho, zen i made from ingame dill conversion, cus don't get me wrong here there is absolute nothing wrong with the game it self !!! i like the game, but spending real money on it is a thing of the past as long as the keys and box remain ingame.

not sure i'll use the key's this time, i'll probably sell them for Creds to finally buy the darn ferengi ship! but god 70+mill creds is oh my god will i take for ever to get that :/

Sooooo, if some one here feels the urge to make my XMAS good again, you can always donate "any" amount of Credits.
give me a mail (Citra@noxsa) with a date and place to meet "sadly one can't send credits and trading is req". hey just a thought i know there is alot of unspent creds out there i might as well get a nice xmas god willing. cus the taste of 30euro's flushed down the toilet is bitter.