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12-14-2012, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by lewstelamon01 View Post
Dude, that ship sailed, went to warp, and crashed into a local sun right about the time that lockboxes started appearing in game.

Sure people threaten legal action and complain that "laws are being broken" when their instant gratification isn't fulfilled, but this is, what, almost a year now, four different boxes later, and lockboxes aren't going away....

FYI: This link would probably be helpful.
yea i know the box's exist for a long time in game, i see constant text flooting by my screen, name won bla bla ship, so i never thought the rewards wer crapy, so with this key action i thought to my self, why not buy 30 keys and try my luck, well turns out if your NOT lucky then the rest rewards are crap, yes they have a value and not there not worth 30euro's so yea lockbox's are a RIPOFF, why can't cryptic add the ships to there C-Store like every other ship they added to the store!, reason here is there GREEDY and love to EXPLOIT lesser minded FANS! well i can say it was my first AND last time i spent money on zen for keys!! Cryptic can kiss my Butt! this fan is smart to NOT make the same stupid mistake twice. so i'll use my Lifetime zen on keys, and probably will sell them on exchange, or i need some cool device from the lobi store, then i will use the key my self, atleast i know i get min 4 lobi. anyways i know the box's won't go but i really hope more people will see the evil in them box's and then eventually they will be taken out, sadly there alot of lesser minded players out there with deep pockets.