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Originally Posted by kiralyn View Post
I haven't played a great many (I keep meaning to, but I haven't done all the regular storyline missions yet, either. Plus, distracted by the holiday stuff), but the one thing that's bugged me so far is numerous scene changes...... not for any plot reasons, but solely because the game engine takes so loooooong to load things. Just like with the random "Explore Unknown System" missions.

(some of the missions I've played have been quite interesting, but it's kind of annoying to spend 30 minutes on a mission, with ten minutes of it being loading screens because you keep bouncing back between your bridge, space, a station, space, your bridge, space, other space, a station, space, your bridge....... )

Is there any way to improve this, or is it just inherent to STO's engine?
There has definitely been an increase in loading time for map transitions. We have no idea why and it's not something we (Foundry authors) can control. Hopefully, someone at Cryptic knows why Foundry load times are stretching into the unreasonable.