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12-14-2012, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
I'm back after a long absence, and love the idea of Foundry. The new reward scheme definitely encourages me to try it.

My one ... not concern, so much as eyebrow raise, is that sometimes missions seem awfully easy.

I assume this is due to the limited scaling Cryptic's system can do, considering I'm 50 with purple gear.

(It's noticeable after, say, playing the New Romulus Warehouse mission and getting killed several times, then breezing through the 'doom dangerous' stuff in a Foundry mission)
I have noted that when designing a mission, a lot of authors tend to design toward the player without the leet skills and great gear, often times making it almost too easy for someone with good gear and skills.

My inclination is to go the other way with it and make combats difficult where I can.
I want to force you to respawn ... at least once.
I want getting through my fights without respawning to mean that you are indeed a bad mother f'er.
I can't handle my own fights sometimes.

I do think that overall designing for the player who doesn't have the best stuffs is probably better than my approach, I'm just a jerk
Play with that respawn button, ya babies